Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Sheldon

About 3 weeks ago, E came home from the park behind our house and told me that there was a lady there looking for a home for a kitten. Normally the knee-jerk mom reaction is NO! But since we lost our Shadow last summer and our Muncie girl in January (at age 18!) I had told the kids that we would be on the lookout for a new kitten. Here was our chance.
So I went to check it out and instantly fell in love. The lady who had found him had been looking for a home for him for 2 weeks. We took him home about 10 minutes later.

When he met polka dot he was scared for all of about 10 minutes. Now Poor Pokey is like a tolerant Mama to him. He runs and leaps onto her back and bites her head and just happily torments her. She hisses to tell him when she's had enough, but he doesn't get the message.

I love his little Kitler mustache! and his grey eyes. And his soft as a bunny fur. When I'm down, he curls up and snuggles with me. In the morning he plays wild kingdom all over the bed. I really needed some kitten therapy in my life right now.

Mattman is a HUGE Big Bang Theory Fan and loves Sheldon on the show. He decared that when we got a kitten he would be named Sheldon. So our baby was pre-named. Mattman was at a boy scout function all day and didn't see him right away. The look on his face when he got home and saw our surprise was priceless. The first thing he said was "His name is SHELDON!" I said yep, we've been calling him that for hours now. He's certainly a happy distraction.

Kitchen update: Not much has happened. I sorta froze up trying to decide about the floor dilemma. Finally I just filled the cracks in with putty and decided not to think about it. The countertops should be installed any day now. I'm getting anxious to have my kitchen back, but am very proud of how well I'm doing cooking without one.