Sunday, January 20, 2013

Survival Mode

Life as a single working mom is certainly hectic.  I need to stop living in survival mode and enjoy life a little bit more.

My goals for 2013:
1.  Spend more time with my girlfriends - this will involve more prior planning on my part.   I'm thinking a girls night in pajama party with pizza, music, and crafting might be fun.
2.  Paint the kitchen.
3.  Heal my shoulder (My shoulder impingement has been painful for the last few months) and continue on my quest to get more fit and healthy.
4.  Take my vitamins more consistently.
5.  Plan a vacation with my wonderful kids.
6.  Do something with the backyard - won't be complete, but I need to just start.
7.  Do something with the 1/2 bathroom.
8.  MAKE more time to create - and update this blog with my projects.

Sheldon is a big naughty kitty now.

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