Saturday, February 2, 2013

CREATE in 2013.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Stephanie Ackerman's blog: Homegrown Hospitality.  I LOVE her work!  She's really inspired me to just jump in and create.  She chooses a "word of the year" every year to give focus to her artwork (and life).    The word that immediately popped into my head is CREATE.  I NEED to create more art.  Creating art makes me happy and I want more happy in my life.

On her blog, she has photos of an adorable little mini Moleskine journal.  Check it out.  Although I have a random art journal or two (or three) in progress, she inspired me to run immediately out to Target and pick up a mini Moleskine.  (Actually it's a Moleskine volant series).  It's soft cover w/ 80 lined thin ecru colored pages.  3.5 x 5.5".   I like it because it's very very portable.  I'm keeping it in my purse along with a fine point Sharpie and/or a .5 journalling pen.  At lunch I'm doodling at my desk.  Fun!

At least the mini moleskine is a bit more artsy than my usual office art medium: manilla folders.   Although I gotta say that I just adore the way the sharpie absorbs into the folder :) 


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