Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's OK

Today I'm sharing a few random pages from my mini-moleskine journal that goes with me in my purse.   It has no theme.   The only rule I'm enforcing is that I'm making myself resist the urge to use it to jot down to-do lists and shopping lists.  I do want it to be somewhat "artsy".

I've always been a huge rule follower.  And I tend to get frustrated and feel limited because I follow all these silly self imposed rules.  I'm really trying to release my feelings of "I'm not doing it right" which is stupid because these are MY art journals.  There is no journal police to arrive at my door with a warrant because I dared to use a Sharpie instead of a fancy art pen.  Or because I only use one side of the page because of the bleed through.  So I decided to give myself permission to do all those things. 

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