Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doodles on paper and fabric

The last two weeks have been mentally exhausting, and I seem to use up all my brain power at work.  I get home and suffer from "mashed potato brain".   I'm still keeping up with the necessities, but not much else on the list is getting done.  I've stolen a few moments here and there to create.  I'm enjoying just letting go and creating.  No deadlines.  No rules.  Not for anyone but ME.  I need that.

I also stitched a little bit on a binding of a colorful quilted table runner.  I hate that part of the process.   When I get to the binding stage, I feel so close to being finished and the binding part just feels like work instead of play and I want to be done already.   Hopefully this week I'll finally have it completed.    

Friday night, I doodled on fabric for a little while.   I started this wall hanging about a year ago as a fun little geometric piece to hang in my cubicle at work.   I worked on it at a quilt retreat and then put it away for a year and forgot about it.  I'm eager to swap out the quilt I've got in my cube right now.  I love it (a Ricky Tims convergence quilt with hand dyed fabrics) but am anxious for a change.   Here the new one in progress. 

I actually finished fusing all the shapes to the top and made myself go ahead and pin baste it and begin machine quilting.  I always procrastinate on the basting process.  But I love to machine quilt.  It's like drawing with thread instead of a pen.  Unfortunately my machine either needs alignment, or a different needle or thread, or it just plain doesn't like stitching through 5 layers of fused on fabric.  It keeps skipping stitches which is highly annoying.   So I'm troubleshooting that issue before I can finish.  Sort of a bummer since I was rolling along nicely.   

Here is my helper.  No he is not allowed on the ironing board.  Or in the middle of my pile of fabrics.  You try telling him that.


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